Ludger Brümmer, Bernd Lintermann
Composition musicale et vidéo

After working with Granular Synthesis and Physical Modells I became interested in a sound quality that was more or less already present in all of the used techniques: Noise. 
The sounds I have used in this work started with digital noise. This sound were video or data files which were read as raw data into a sound editor, than modified so that the information structure inside the video file became audible. Of course I was looking for files with quite some periodical information in it so that this could be interpreted as a more or less pitched or repetitive sound quality. After modifying these sounds they were cross composed with other algorithmic structures I have created before. This process resulted in different more or less noisy sounds ranging from hiss to some „dirty“ timbres. In conjunction with some samples of string instruments and modified voices I created the narrative form of Spin with the intention to generate an experience of noise.
The sound structure were mixed and separated again for the 32 channel spatial version of the work which is on this recording reduced to stereo. It was the aim to make the dense structure mix happening in the concert space through a cluster of speakers while they were moving. This enables the listener to experience a world of sound containing a perspective perception, auditive focussing inside an individual scenario which and many other features. Of course the stereo can only reproduce fractions of this but it gives still a good hint of the potential of the work.



The video with contains a visual structure generated through L-Systems in conjunction with random decisions. As a result an continuously rotating object is growing over time. Several of these objects represent different layout of the same algorithm.
Ludger Brümmer

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