Spheres of Resonance

Ludger Brümmer
Composition électroacoustique pour Dome Sonore

Spheres of Resonance uses only phenomena of resonance created with the help of physical modells inside the computer. These physical algorithms created not only the sounds and timbres, furthermore they performed the evolution of the musical phrases and structures. These phrases remained unmodified in the composition - they were only combined by a mixing program. Except reverberation, only transpositions were applied to modify the appearance of the sound. Given this situation this work of music is a consequence of mechanic activity encoded into physical algorithms, it is a consequence of movement in space: little pendulum, sounding machines are the creators of this music, applying forces to create Accelerandi, changing the speed an pressure of a bow to modify the timbre in time or even create a sound like a diesel machine of a ship.

The physical Modells on which Spheres of Resonance is based were created in the Studios of ACROE in Grenoble. A special thank goes to Claude Cadoz, Jerome Villeneuve and Nicolas Castagne. The spatialisation is perfomed by Zirkonium.

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