Points, lines, planes

Constantin Popp
Composition électroacoustique pour Dome Sonore

“Points, lines, planes” creates an immersive, composed environment in which various landscapes of sounds and fields of emotions augment each other. The composition contrasts text-to-speech recordings of wikipedia articles about topics such as anxiety, compassion and friendship with filtered basic waveforms and pink noise. The electronic sounds contextualise the articles using various trajectories in space, timbre and pitch. Data extracted from spectral analyses of the hallways found at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM) and filtered noise provide found the piece's harmonic content. The timbres, the spatialisation and dynamic range of the sounds delineate the piece's flow of tension and release. The piece contains parts of a meditation kindly provided by The Counselling Service of the University of Manchester. The piece is commissioned by the ZKM as part of their Tangible Sounds Festival in the frame of EASTN.

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