Rui Penha
Pour l’ensemble Sond’Ar-te, électronique et video


For flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin, cello, electroacoustics and video, both generated in realtime.
The video is following the piano events and controls the spatialization of the electroacoustic part, using the upcoming 'spatium' software. The video is done in Processing and the audio in Max/MSP, with sounds from a Continuum fingerboard. The original audio is for an hexaphonic loudspeaker setup, here a stereo mix down. Also, the original video was 50fps and the movements were much clearer, but I had to upload a 25fps version due to vimeo limits.
Live recording by Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble - Sìlvia Cancela (fl.), Luís Gomes (, Joana Gama (pno.), Suzanna Lidegran (vln.), Nelson Ferreira (vlc.) and Guillaume Bourgogne (conductor) · at Goethe-Institut Portugal, October 2012.

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